OS X 10.5.6 disables iPhone jailbreak

Tue, Dec 16, 2008


Beware OS X software upgraders, ArsTechnica is reporting that the latest version of OS X 10.5.6 might put a hurdle in front of your attempts to jailbreak your iPhone.

So was this a deliberate effort by Apple to stomp on pwnage and jailbreaks? The rumor mill says yes. I’m told that Apple’s USB engineers have confirmed off the record that it was a conscious move. Ars has sent in a query to Apple asking for a statement on this matter but we have not as yet heard back from them.

Jailbreaking represents a continual challenge to Apple. Most jailbreakers see the iPhone as a platform that should be opened for general use and development outside the limitations of App Store. Apple has waged a constant battle against jailbreaking, with Steve Jobs calling it “a constant cat-and-mouse game” last year.

Check out the full scoop over here.


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