New iMacs and Mac Minis to launch on Tuesday?

Tue, Mar 3, 2009

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While initial reports suggested an Apple hardware event scheduled for March 24th, a lot of reports now indicate that new iMacs and Mac Minis might be introduced as early as Tuesday.  If accurate, Hardmac reports that the following configurations will be unveiled:


– MB417: Entry level model
– MB418: “Mass market” model
– MB419: high-end model
– MB420: ultimate model
The entry level model should come with a 20″ display, while the three other models will feature a 24″ panel.

For the Mac mini, the references are the following:
– MB463: entry-level model sporting a 2Ghz Core 2 duo with 1GB of RAM.
– MB464 high-end model with 2GB of RAM.

The entry level iMac will reportedly have 2GB RAM and a 2.66Ghz Core 2 Duo, while the rest of the iMac line will reportedly ship with 4GB of RAM.  Damn.


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