No 99-cent apps will be allowed on RIM’s new online store for BlackBerry devices

Thu, Mar 5, 2009


With app stores seemingly emerging from every which way, RIM was able to snag the name “BlackBerry App World” before someone else stole the ‘world’ moniker.  App World almost sounds like the  equivalent of Disney World, only geared for young nerd instead.

BlackBerry’s new online app store was originally scheduled to go live on Wednesday night, but that apparently isn’t happening for some reason.  In any event, one interesting item of interest is that developers in the “BlackBerry App World” won’t be able to price their apps at 99 cents, though they can choose to make it available for free if they want.  Instead, the lowest possible price developers can charge for a paid app is $2.99.  The following chart was found on the developer FAQ:


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3 Comments For This Post

  1. John Keogh Says:

    UK pricing is unkind – on iTunes a $4.99 app such as “Ancient Frog”costs £2.99 here.

  2. Neil Anderson Says:

    Let’s see how it works out for them.

  3. Scott Lewis Says:

    I thought the iPhone developers making tons of money were doing so off $0.99 and $1.99 apps by the tens of thousands. Also – no way to have a $24.99 app? It’s almost as if the person they put in charge of pricing just happened to have Excel open and say “I love grids”.

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