Tweetie app coming to the Mac this Monday

Thu, Apr 16, 2009


Tweetie is not only the most popular Twitter client for the iPhone, it’s also one of the popular iPhone apps period. And now a Mac version is set to drop this Monday.

If you recall, a version of Tweetie was once rejected from the App Store (if only for a few hours) because a trending topic at the time contained a profanity (#fuckitlist). The trend, of course, was started by one of our favorite comedians, Michael Ian Black.

Anyways, Tweetie for the Mac looks to be pretty sweet, and you can check out a preview video of it in action over here. From the looks of it, the UI looks pretty slick, and we already like that the interface doesn’t seem to force/tempt you into making the app take up your entire screen, a’la Tweetdeck.

The developer of Tweetie writes:

Tweetie for Mac is more than a port – in fact, it’s a complete rewrite. The new core is faster, more stable, and more extensible than its predecessor. Not only will it form the foundation of the Mac version, but also the foundation of the next generation of Tweetie 2.0 for iPhone.

Sounds pretty solid. We’re pretty excited about this and will give you our first impressions of the app once we get our hands on it. As an aside, we also really like the soundtrack used in the video mentioned above – “Dropping out of School” by Brad Sucks definitely doesn’t.

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