A close look at the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2 and its Piezo-tech keyboard [Video]

Sun, Aug 23, 2009


Check out this close up look at the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2 from RIM.  RIM has implemented a few slight, yet noticeable, aesthetic changes to the Storm 2, and notably, the device will be available on both CDMA and GSM carriers and will include wi-fi connectivity as well.

More importantly, the Storm 2 will apparently do away with its Sure Press 1-button technology and will instead use Piezo technology which with can detect user input at any point on the screen.  Wherever the screen detects an electrical charge, i.e a finger, the screen will become “soft” and will compress slightly, mimicking the effect of using a real keyboard.  If real world usage is anything like described, then the Storm might finally become relevant.


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