Jason Calacanis rants against Apple fanboys [Video]

Mon, Aug 24, 2009


Our old friend Jason Calacanis is up to his old tricks again.  Earlier today, he posted a video rant where he goes off on Apple fanboys.

Some of the more interesting quotes include:

“Anybody who would go to the genius bar is an idiot.. just re-format you’re hard drive and you’ll be fine” –  Umm, sure.  If you say so, Jason.

“Apple fanboys = technology sellouts… I’m sickened by you guys.  Apple fanboys = nutcases going to town hall meetings and screaming and yelling.  They don’t want to admit that Apple can do anything wrong” – A look at 99% of the Apple blogs on the web shows that this simply isn’t the case

“Steve Jobs was a rebel, and now he’s like a total sell out, the whole idea was you’re supposed to be enabled and freed by the technology, not constrained.” – If you take a look at the smartphone market pre and post iPhone, how can you intelligently argue that Apple is constraining technology? If anything, Apple’s history is littered with examples of bringing technology to the masses (i.e the mouse, the GUI, the trackpad etc.)

But the most pertinent portion of Calacanis’ rant was his admission (1 minute and 30 seconds in) that this nonsense is all just a bunch of linkbait.  Calacanis, the skilled marketer with no concept on how tech actually works, strikes again!


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  1. Scott B. Says:

    No one cares what this loser say’s, He is a cry baby failure, Just look back at the Netscape fiscal, “I Quit I Quit” Tantrum, I do find this soppy haired crybaby funny, and so do his peers, he is not looked up to at all, and they all talk behind his back.

    For the poor folks that are just finding out about Jason, he is a lonely attention seeking soul, that has found out that his Money can’t buy the one thing he really Desires and Wants ” RESPECT “.

    He has a problem sticking to one thing and has taken the LOW ROAD of his Friend Michael Arlington as to Troll for Attention.

    Jason Really Never Genuinely and Honestly Earned credibility but only Selling himself like a cheap Sideshow & Tabloid for Some Clicks has he made a worst impression as a desperate soul.,

    His Personal Rants are just that,” Just personal” and we Know the old Saying Misery Loves Company, And as such Will Attract Such narcissistic Types.

    But Money has done nothing for Jason except Fuel is Self Important Behavior.

    Jason Has Never Earned Respect Form His Peers, It’s Sad and Pathetic but is Real Jason.

  2. Scott B. Says:

    Sorry, Forgot to post a “Thank You” for this Article,

    My Comment on “No One Cares What This Loser Say’s” Is Directed at Jason as a Failure, And Not at The Posting Of the Article and it’s Content’s.

    Keep up the Good Work, Enjoy Your Site.

  3. Scott B. Says:

    Hey Mike L,

    Troll Much.. Ha ha Ha.

    Chief, i am on the Far Left side of that Argument, Enjoy You FaUX news.

    Glad you got upset with it,

    Enjoy 🙂

  4. Jared Says:

    “Anybody who would go to the genius bar is an idiot… just re-format you’re hard drive and you’ll be fine” Jason, your mom is an idiot, and so are you.

    So I suppose Jason thinks that if you break a key on your laptop keyboard and you can’t replace the ‘a’ key by yourself (just re-format!) you are an idiot. I guess that makes me an idiot for going to the Apple store and getting a free fix … 60 seconds, a stack of cannibalized keyboards behind the counter, and no appointment… they just squoze me in.

    So who has Stockholm syndrome, Jason? Is Microsoft or Apple the abusive captor?

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