Jerry Seinfeld modernizes apartment with new iMac on season finale of Curb your Enthusiasm

Tue, Nov 24, 2009


Not too long ago, we pointed out that despite a brief fling with Microsoft, Jerry Seinfeld is still an Apple fan at heart.  In the most recent season of Curb your Enthusiasm – which just ended this past Sunday – Jerry was often seen working diligently behind a MacBook Pro.  This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise for Seinfeld fans given that there was always a Mac on Jerry’s desk throughout the series.  In the last season of Seinfeld, the Twentieth Anniversary Mac was visible in many episodes.

But Jerry is a man of the times, and you can’t expect him to stick with an old Mac forever.  The underlying plotline on this season of Curb was a Seinfeld reunion show which would go onto air as an episode within Curb itself.  Before the season aired, the producers discussed how they were going to re-create Jerry’s apartment to a tee, but would add in a few tweaks to modernize it for the times.  The fridge, for example, went from a regular old white one to a stainless steel one.  And as for the ubiquitous Mac that was so visible throughout Seinfeld’s 9-year run?  Well, that’s now a spankin’ new iMac.

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