Disney excited over iPad possibilities, calls device a game changer

Wed, Feb 10, 2010


During Disney’s earnings conference call yesterday, Disney CEO Bob Iger addressed a few questions about Apple’s forthcoming iPad and expressed his excitement over what he deemed to be a game-changing device.

When asked about new digital business models and what type of content Disney is working on in light of the iPad, Iger responded:

We find that iPad has a lot of potential, we think it’s a really compelling device. We think it could be a game changer in terms of enabling us to create essentially new forms of content. Obviously it will be a great device to play games on and to watch videos because of the clarity of the screen. But the interactivity that it will allow on a portable device with such a high quality screen is going to enable us to really start developing products that is different than the product that you typically see on an internet connected computer or on a television set.

Iger also explained that the large screen on the iPad opens up new possibilities for making Television programs more interactive and changing the way information is presented to the consumer.

And that’s just one example, when you think about ABC you think about a program like Lost and not just being able to watch the program but all the other things that viewers like to do with that program, ABC News another great example. ESPN Score Center which is a great App on the iPhone and provides relatively rudimentary information scores basically suddenly we have an opportunity with a platform we can really make the scores come to life.

Apple and Disney, of course, share a relatively close relationship given that Steve Jobs holds a seat on Disney’s board of directors and owns the most number of individual shares of Disney stock. Recently, rumors speculated that Apple and Disney were on the verge of striking a deal to bring TV subscriptions to iTunes for $30/month.

You can check out the full transcript of the earnings conference call over here.



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