Thieves pull off Mission Impossible robbery in New Jersey Best Buy, make off with $26,000 worth of Apple notebooks

Sun, Mar 7, 2010


In a brazen robbery reminiscent of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, or perhaps Michael Westin from Burn Notice, a group of thieves climbed up to the top of the store, used a saw to cut a 3-foot wide hole in the ceiling, and proceeded to stealthly rappel down 16 feet where they hung in the air so as not to trigger any motion sensors located on the ground floor.

Once hovering, the thieves managed to pick up 20 Apple laptops worth around $26,000 in total.

Detective James Ryan, a police department spokesman for the South Brunswick Police Department said that the job was highly sophisticated. “They never set off any motion sensors,” he stated, “They never touched the floor. They rappelled in and rappelled out. The tools they had to bring, the alarms they had to circumvent — it certainly required a lot of high-level planning.”

Unfortunately, there’s no video surveillance footage of the heist as security cameras in operation at the time were obscured by large banners. That’s unfortunate because a) these thieves got away scott-free and b) because it would have been cool as hell to peep some surveillance footage of dudes rappelling down into a Best Buy!

Interestingly, an old Apple ad for the iPhone 3GS employed a Mission Impossible motif.



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2 Comments For This Post

  1. RJ Says:

    Will it be possible for the authorities to “discover” the stolen Macs when they go online?

  2. e Says:

    RJ: no, they can only get “discovered” if the computers are brought to an apple store and checked in to the genius bar or if the laptop gets shipped to apple for repairs.

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