Apple patent describes “Concert ticket +” system for iPhone access to movies, concerts, and sporting events

Sat, Apr 17, 2010


Patently Apple goes in-depth and uncovers a new Apple patent that sheds some light on Apple’s potential future plans for the iPhone and iTunes. Put simply, Apple envisions a future where people use there iPhones to purchase concert tickets, and then, while at the concert, using their iPhone to purchase refreshments, merchandise, and exclusive concert footage. The system described by Apple is dubbed “Concert Ticket +”, and Apple sees an opportunity to use the technology at sporting events and amusement parks as well.

First things first, Apple’s patent covers the ability to use one’s iPhone as a means to enter an event, a virtual ticket so to speak. This isn’t entirely new as many iPhone users already use their device in place of a boarding pass when flying. Still, applying that concept to everyday events such as going to a ball game is particularly intriguing. And just how would an iPhone communicate that it’s storing a valid e-ticket? Why via “RFID tags or other NFC enabled electronic devices, such as the iMac, kiosk, and/or turnstile.”

Remember that rumors of an RFID enabled iPhone first made the rounds back in November, and word was that Apple had already developed working prototypes of such a device for field testing.

Some of the other concert uses Apple envisions with its concert + system is the ability for concert goers to purchase live recordings of the event, in addition to the possibility of giving concert goers access to exclusive content from whatever artists they happened to see. T-shirts, posters, discounted parking, and food are a few other uses for the iPhone in Apple’s patent filing. One of the cooler features, though, is the ability to access lyrics to a song currently being played live. From there, it’s just a one step process to purchase that song, via iTunes of course. As Patently Apple notes, “impulse buying is what marketer’s dream of – and this is a classic.”

All in all, Apple’s “concert +” system is pretty nifty and certainly offers us a glimpse into the future. And lest you think Apple is too narrowly focused on concerts and sporting events, Apple’s plans for the aforementioned technology can just as easily be applied to tickets for a Symphony, a Broadway Play, Cruises, Museums, Movies, a conference like Apple’s own WWDC, and even a Wedding.

We’re not entirely down with the wedding aspect of this, but Apple describes a system whereby wedding guests would be able to purchase wedding photos and videos, in addition to audio recordings of the toast and the ability to get the playlist of music played during the reception.

Patently Apple has a lot more coverage and detail on Apple’s patent over here.


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