To all the fools who think the iPhone 4G story was a controlled leak

Mon, Apr 19, 2010


What a day for Apple. A nightmare come to life. Still, some fools are claiming that Gizmodo’s leaked photos of the iPhone 4G were actually part of a controlled leak by Apple in order to generate hype for the device. As if Apple needs any help from a tabloid tech site to build up hype for a product with a built-in audience.

Still, this comment via Reddit sums things up nicely:

Absolutely wrong.

You leak photos. You leak rumored specs. You leak ambiguity. Ambiguity fuels speculation, posts, comments and frothing in general.

You don’t leak the fucking device.

And from a marketing standpoint, its a total nightmare. I go to see the first pictures of the new product and there’s Jason Chen’s doughy mug floating next to a hunk of dead metal and plastic. Thats not good marketing. And instead of Jobs spending an hour stroking the device for you, the world gets a flat list of “what’s the same” “what’s different”. It’s basically like putting your four course meal into a blender and sticking a bendy straw in it.

So no. This wasn’t a leak. This was a huge mistake.

And to drive the point home, this photo is self-explanatory.



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  1. Will Says:

    I’m kind of appalled by this whole matter, but this made me crack up:

    “doughy mug”


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