Gizmodo dissects iPhone 4G, no user removable battery

Tue, Apr 20, 2010


Before handing back the “stolen” iPhone 4G to Apple, the folks over at Gizmodo managed to take the device apart piece by piece in an attempt to discover just how their scoop of the century was put together. Giz posted some new photos of the teardown process earlier today, and while there’s nothing extraordinarily new to report, the teardown puts to rest earlier reports that the iPhone 4G was going to come equipped with a user removable battery.

And speaking of batteries, Gizmodo found that the next-gen iPhone’s battery is 19% larger than its predecessor and takes up nearly 50% of the available space inside the case.

If you take a look at the photo above, the white tag sprouting out from beneath the massive battery reads, “Authorized Service Provider Only.”

But hell, with such a big ass battery, maybe the next-gen iPhone will bring some of that iPad battery magic to the table.

Impressively, Apple seems to have packed the internal components of the iPhone in so tightly that there’s barely any room to breath. Gizmodo notes that “there are a total of around 40-50 screws inside the phone, positioned at various angles that are almost frustratingly impossible to get to.”

As for the internals, Apple covered the entire logic board with a sheet of metal, and Gizmodo didn’t want to remove it and risk damaging the device in the process. Alas, no word as to what kind of processor this puppy is running. A4, are you out there?



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