How new iPhone apps will look on the iPad

Mon, Jun 14, 2010


The iPad may certainly be a gorgeous device, but running an iPhone app on the iPad can be a little bit clunky. You can either a) run the iPhone app at its original size inside a tiny box in the middle of the screen, or b) you can zoom in on the app x2, which often results in a pixelated experience reminiscent of the old NES.

One of the more exceptional aspects of the upcoming iPhone 4 is it’s high resolution Retina Display, which checks in at 960×640, effectively doubling the 320×480  resolution of all previous iPhones. So why is this so important, aside from brilliant clarity and vibrant colors? Well, if new iPhone apps are coded to take advantage of the iPhone 4’s high-res display, they’ll subsequently be able to fill up almost the entire iPad screen without any loss of visual quality.

To illustrate the change, check out the photo below courtesy of the Make Coffee App.


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