What an amateur video edited with the iPhone 4 iMovie app looks like

Fri, Jun 25, 2010


At WWDC, Apple showcased a movie shot, edited, and rendered entirely on the iPhone 4. It looked great, had a professional feel to it, but then again, it was probably put together by one of Apple’s video gurus. What really matters is what the average guy on the street can do with it, so without further adieu, here’s what Adam Christianson from MacCast was able to put together on his iPhone 4 in just about 2 hours using captured stills and video footage.

Christianson notes some interesting quirks about the built in iMovie for iPhone audio tracks:

As for the audio, I used the built-in “theme” track. In the app there was no indication of the length of the track. When enabled it simply created a green “tack line” under my video timeline and the line extended the full length of my video project. I naturally assumed it was long enough or would loop to cover my whole project. When previewing in edit mode in the app it even played the audio throughout the project. It was only after export that I discovered the track simply faded out at the end, around a minute or so in. There is no option to loop the track and you can only have one such “background” track per project.

And as for the video quality, Christian notes that though the video was shot in 720p, it can only export to YouTube at 568×320.



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