What do NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Apple CEO Steve Jobs have in common?

Tue, Jul 13, 2010


What do Steve Jobs and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg have in common? The answer might surprise you.

Well, for starters, every year Jobs and Bloomberg both refuse to receive a proper salary for their respective services. Instead, they each receive a token $1.00 “salary” from Apple and the city of New York respectively.

Second, both are big fans of the iPad.

The NY Daily News recently described just how attached Bloomberg is to Apple’s iPad.

“He takes the iPad with him everywhere,” said Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson, “he uses it all the time.”

Not only does Bloomberg read his speeches off the iPad, he also uses the device to receive his governmental briefing material, check up on the weather, peruse Google Maps, and even read magazines.

Bloomberg is reportedly so enamored with the device that he got up and personally called Steve Jobs to let him know how great the iPad is. At a recent technology conference in New York, Bloomberg quipped, “It’s amazing. I told Steve Jobs the other day, if he can improve on this, it’ll really be amazing. I just, every time I play with it, I discover something new.”

Welcome to the club, boss.



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