Walt Mossberg calls the iPad the best product of 2010

Sat, Dec 25, 2010


The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg just put out a list ranking the best and worst tech products of 2010. Topping the charts, not too surprisingly, is Apple’s iPad.

“Well I think it’s pretty obvious,” Mossberg explains, “that this is a company, Apple, that is taking a leap to a whole new kind of device. There have been many tablets in the past, but none like this… People at first thought it was cool, but nobody was sure the public would respond well to it… and it’s clear that it’s a success, it’s a hit. Everyone else is rushing to compete with it… When you think about it being a 1.0 product, it’s amazing.”

Rounding out Mossberg’s top tech products of 2010 were 4G networks at #2, and the Samsung Galaxy S and the iPhone 4 tying for third place.

And the products unlucky enough to be included on Mossberg’s worst tech products of 2010 were the Dell Streak, the Google TV, and TiVo Premiere.


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