Ars review of the Motorola Xoom reminds us why the iPad is top dog

Mon, Mar 7, 2011


Shocking revelations from Ars Technica’s review of the Motorola Xoom:

The Xoom’s impressive hardware specifications and ambitious feature lineup are intriguing, but the product falls short of its full potential due to a general lack of completeness. It feels like it was rushed to market and delivered to consumers prematurely. The number of headline features that are simply absent at launch is emblematic of the device’s deficiencies.

The product has an extraordinary set of features, but the best are simply not available at launch. While I was testing the device and studying the documentation, I was confronted repeatedly with disclaimers which explained that various features will arrive later in updates. There are so many of these disclaimers that it soon became absurd. The device, in its current state, is like a parade of promising placeholders.

You can wrap up shoddy and beta-style software in pretty hardware all you want, but like we’ve said before the iPad remains the tablet to beat on account of the device’s user experience. Maybe, one day, Apple’s tablet rivals will get that.


Oh, and one more thing.

The Xoom costs $799 unsubsidized. So yeah, good luck with that.


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