White iPhone 4 is 0.2mm thicker than the original

Fri, Apr 29, 2011


After a 10 month delay, the white iPhone 4 finally went on sale earlier this week. The delay was purportedly caused by the white paint used on the device, which would not only start to peel under heat, but also had an affect on the iPhone’s internal components.

While we admittedly remain somewhat perplexed by reports that the white iPhone 4 should provide a significant boost in sales during a Summer period without a new iPhone model, it is interesting to note that the white iPhone 4 isn’t exactly the same as its black brother.

Check out the picture above. A white iPhone 4 on the left and a the original black model on the right. The white iPhone 4 is clearly a tad bit thicker. TiPB has subsequently confirmed that the white iPhone is 0.2mm bigger than the black model. While this is a non-issue for most, the slight boost in thickness may cause some iPhone 4 cases to become unusable with the white model. Naturally, Apple’s own bumper case should work fine with the new white models.

Apple has yet to explain the reason behind the difference (not that we expect them to), but with the aforementioned problems Apple experienced with white paint, that little bit of extra thickness is probably what is needed to keep the device safe from the harmful affects of the Sun.

via MacRumors


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