Mossberg: Jobs to remain involved in developing future products and strategy

Thu, Aug 25, 2011


Walt Mossberg, who Jobs has previously referred to as Apple’s “friend”, writes that Jobs’ resignation marks the end of an era. Notably, and as relayed by other sources, Jobs’ resignation doesn’t mean that the Apple co-founder will be stepping away from the company.

To be very clear, Jobs, while seriously ill, is very much alive. Extremely well-informed sources at Apple say he intends to remain involved in developing major future products and strategy and intends to be an active chairman of the board, even while new CEO Tim Cook runs the company day to day.

Indeed, Jobs reportedly worked a full day at Apple yesterday and attended a regularly scheduled board meeting like clockwork.

Again, and as we wrote before, there’s no mistaking that Jobs is sick. Reports indicate that Jobs’ health goes up and down. That said, Jobs resignation could easily be the realization that his health will continue to be up and down, consequently rendering him unable to continue on in the capacity of Apple CEO. When Jobs took his most recent leave of absence from Apple, he was planning on coming back once his health stabilized. Jobs, perhaps now aware that “up and down” will be the status of his health going forward, decided to officially put into action what was practically already a reality – Cook running the company as CEO while Jobs remaining actively involved in a less consistent manner.

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