On Obama and his use of Apple products

Tue, Sep 6, 2011


There are no shortage of photos and stories detailing Obama’s use of Mac products, a love affair that extends to his entire administration. Remember that when Obama and co. first moved into the White House, they were astonished to see outdated Windows machines after having grown accustomed to Macs.

Since then, we’ve seen Obama carry an iPad 2, take a look at an iPhone 4 with VP Joe Biden, and hobnob with Steve Jobs.

So in the wake of a slow Labor Day news weekend, here’s a vaguely interesting tidbit from Politico drawing a connection between Obama’s use of Apple products and the image the commander in chief is attempting to craft for himself and his administration.

At the White House, where nearly every image is carefully planned and executed, it is no coincidence that the president was seen carting his iPad to a golf game, observers say. Nor was it a coincidence that Obama sat beside Jobs at a dinner in Silicon Valley earlier this year.

“The only way this guy is going to get reelected is jobs, and the one theme he can hang his hat on is innovation,” said Scott Galloway, a marketing professor who teaches brand strategy at New York University. “Apple is synonymous with innovation. The imagery is really powerful, and the president’s accessories reinforce the brand. It sends a message to everyone without trying.”

Okay, we’re not sure that we buy that. Maybe the imagery does have an affect, but I sincerely doubt anyone with a strong opinion on Obama, in either direction, will be swayed, even subconsciously, by his use of Apple products.

And any voter who gives Obama props for using Apple products might also want to know that Rush Limbaugh is an avowed Mac fan while Karl Rove has been using Apple products since 1983.

The moral of the story? Don’t let tech preferences get in the way of who you vote for.



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  1. MikeB Says:

    How can you believe someone who claims “Mac since 1983” when the Mac wasn’t even introduced until 1984?

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