Apple to share advertising revenue with Baidu

Thu, Jun 14, 2012


Bloomberg reports that Apple, as part of its inclusion of Baidu as a search engine option in iOS 6 for its Chinese customers, will receive a slice of advertising revenue.

The revenue-sharing agreement with Apple follows similar accords between Baidu and manufacturers of handsets that useGoogle’s Android operating system, Wang Jing, vice president at Beijing-based Baidu, said in a phone interview today. He declined to disclose the commercial terms.

Apple said this week it will offer Baidu’s search-engine as an option for iPhone and iPad customers, and add Chinese- language support for its Siri voice technology, as the world’s most valuable company tailors its products for Chinese consumers. Baidu, which fields about 80 percent of China’s Web searches, is prepared to incur costs to add smartphone users by offering services such as music streaming for free, Wang said.


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