Bertrand Serlet joins mystery startup

Fri, Jun 29, 2012


Business Insider reports that Bertrand Serlet, formerly of NeXT and Apple, is covertly working on a new startup involving cloud computing. And the name of this stealth startup is called Upthere.

Job postings for design engineers started popping up towards the end of 2011, by which point the company described itself as being an early stage startup looking to build a cloud storage feature, with seven employees on staff.

Some of these job postings also allude to the fact that the startup was founded by high-profile ex-Apple employees.

“Our founders were key to building the world’s leading operating system (Mac OS X) and database (Oracle) and have a clear vision of core technology for a Cloud OS,” one posting notes.

We have since learned that this is a reference to Serlet (the brains behind Mac OS X) and Roger Bodamer, a former VP of product operations and development at Apple who previously worked at Oracle.



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