Samsung tries to get Apple’s case thrown out, Judge refuses

Tue, Aug 14, 2012


Oh Samsung, your sneakyness knows no bounds! Well okay, they’re not exactly being sneaky, but Samsung’s legal team always seems to be up to something, with Samsung Attorney John Quinn’s actions regarding the Sony-iPhone issue being a prime example.

Apple just recently finished making its case against Samsung and now the Korea-based electronics giant will have the floor to make its case against Apple, or rather, discredit Apple’s arguments.

But before that, Samsung filed a motion with the Court arguing that the entire case should be dropped, alleging that Apple had failed to adequately make a case upon which a judgement of infringement could be rendered.

Naturally, US District Court Judge Lucy Koh didn’t agree.

Ina Fried reports for All Things D:

Judge Lucy Koh heard about an hour’s worth of arguments from the lawyers on both sides before ruling that the documents and testimony presented by Apple were enough to form the basis for a reasonable jury to find infringement.

Apple is seeking approximately $2.75 billion in damages from Samsung on account of its patent infringement across a multitude of Android-based smartphones.




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