Apple’s low cost iPhone may be delayed until 2014 – Report

Fri, Mar 1, 2013


The Japanese language blog Macotakara is reporting that Apple’s rumored plans to release a lower cost iPhone in 2013 have been pushed back to 2014. Specifically, this rumored low cost device will utilize polycarbonate, similar to the material once found on the white MacBooks.

Apple apparently hopes to price its new entry-level iPhone at $330, matching what the company charges for the iPad mini. The entry-level iPhone is also expected to be thicker than the iPhone 5, thanks to the use of a polycarbonate body rather than aluminum and glass. The thicker material will reportedly increase the durability of the device.

But in spite of those changes and cost cutting measures, the cheaper iPhone is said to have a design largely similar to all previous iPhones, including a home button below the LCD display.

More interesting is a report, also from Macotakara that Apple indeed is working on a 4.5 inch iPhone to accompany the lower cost model. But with the lower cost model now reportedly shelved until 2014, it remains to be seen if and when Apple will release this rumored 4.5-inch iPhone.

One thing we do know for sure is that the iPhone 5S will be launching this Summer and, per Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge, will include dual-LED flash and potentially a 13-megapixel camera from Sony.

via AppleInsider



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