iTunes to be center of legal action in Norway

Mon, Sep 29, 2008

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A consumer advocate in Norway has initiated a legal preceeding against Apple over its failure to open up its iTunes store to other music players.  It’s not quite clear how this will play out because Apple introduced DRM-free songs for $1.29 on the iTunes store last March.  The problem is that the only major label that offers DRM-free songs on the iTunes store is EMI.  So while the launch of iTunes Plus was viewed as a positive step forward, the limited number of songs available still have consumer watchdogs in Norway complaining.  But should Apple be held responsible for major music labels refusing to sell DRM-free music on iTunes?

Apple has until November 3rd to respond to the allegations.  If Apple is found to be in violation of fair trade practices, Norway can order apple to change the way it does business, and fine them if they fail to comply.


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