Apple files motion for dismissal of Pystar counterclaims

Thu, Oct 2, 2008

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First Apple sues Pystar for illegally selling copies of Leopard installed on their own hardware.  Then Pystar countersues claiming that Apple is in violation of anti-trust laws for having a monopoly in the OSX market.  And now Apple is filing a motion to dismiss Pystars counterclaims.

It will be interesting to see how this one plays out in the courts.  Clearly Pystar couldn’t argue that Apple has a monopoly in the PC market as they have less than a 10% market share.  Instead, Pystar came up with the somewhat specious argument that Apple has a monopoly in the OS X market since it won’t allow its operating system to run on any non-Apple hardware.  It’s curious, though, how Apple can have a monopoly in a market that Pystar essentially made up out of thin air.  Think about it – there is no OS X market.  Apple puts OSX on computers that it sells in the computer market.  I mean, you can’t sue Coke for refusing to put its formula into a different can on the notion Coke has a monopoly over the coke formula.  Admittedly, its an original idea, but legally it should fall flat on its face.  We’ll see if the court agrees.  AppleInsider has the scoop here.



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