The “Brick” is really a manufacturing process?!

Sun, Oct 5, 2008

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According to 9to5Mac, the ‘Brick’ we’ve been hearing so much about lately refers to a new manufacturing process for Apple laptops.  WTF?!  From the article…

The MacBook Brick is a block of high-quality, aircraft grade aluminum.  It is the beginning.

The beginning of what?

It is the beginning of the new Apple manufacturing process to make MacBooks.   It is totally revolutionary, a game changer.  One of the biggest Apple innovations in a decade.

The MacBook manufacturing process up to this point has been outsourced to Chinese or Taiwanese manufacturers like Foxconn.  Now Apple is in charge.  The company has spent the last few years building an entirely new manufacturing process that uses lasers and jets of water to carve the MacBooks out of a brick of aluminum.

9to5Mac has this incredible scoop here.


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