Those rumored MacBooks at the rumored Media Event

Wed, Oct 8, 2008

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Apple has yet to issue any invites or make any announcements for a media event that is supposedly set to take place on October 14th, and AppleInsider points out that the window for such an announcement is quickly closing. The rumored event was supposed to see Apple launch a re-vamped MacBook line with a multi-touch glass trackpad, along with news about the ‘brick’, supposedly a new and innovative manufacturing process using water jets and lasers. So what gives? Why no announcement?

Could the lagging economy have anything to do with it? Perhaps introducing an innovative, but expensive, new MacBook line would be counter productive at this point, and not garner the attention Apple feels it deserves. But the MacBook line is in desperate need of a refresh, and with Christmas slowly creeping up, I would think that Apple would be inclined to have some new products out on the market as the busiest shopping season of the year is almost upon us. It could very well be possible that Apple will in fact announce new products for the Christmas season, but has instead chosen to announce them without the fanfare of a media event. After the initial announcement of the iPhone, pundits have looked at all subsequent media events with the expectation that Steve Jobs will introduce some game changing and innovative device. But that’s not realistic, and that’s not how technology works. An innovative media-frenzy inducing product like the iPhone only comes along every couple of years, and it’s ridiculous to expect such an announcement at every media event. Indeed, at Apple’s most recent media event they introduced new iPod touches, new iPod nanos with bigger screens, and a significant update to iTunes. The tech media yawned at this because they were expecting more. Apple is in a tough position where its products aren’t judged on their own merits, but rather against the hyped up expectations drummed up by rumor mongers and journalists. So, after seeing their last media event dubbed a failure by some, Apple might thinking “Fuck it, we’ll do this without a media event”. Either way, with Christmas only two months away, I doubt Apple will be standing idly by on the sidelines, media event or not.

Also, if the ‘brick’ rumor turns out to be true, perhaps Apple doesn’t see the point to launch a media event to simply announce a new manufacturing process, no matter how innovative it is. It’s also possible that the rumor isn’t even true, though 9to5Mac has had a great track record as of late. Interestingly, some are calling BS on the brick rumor. Take a look at this interesting article over at CNET.

Lastly, it could very well be possible that the October 14th date is just a rumor and was never scheduled to take place at all.  This could very well be the case considering the new products Apple is rumored to be releasing.  Perhaps a brand new MacBook Pro and an revolutionary new manufacturing process belong more at the annual MacWorld Expo in January than at a Media Event in the middle of October.


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