The invitations are out, the spyshots are real, sub $1000 MacBooks, and no mac tablet

Thu, Oct 9, 2008

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AppleInsider is all over the latest news regarding the upcoming media event and new MacBooks. After much speculation, the event is finally official. Apple is set to announce a new fleet of MacBooks and MacBook Pro’s, along with a rumored innovation in manufacturing. Also, the spyshots which have been making the rounds on the Internet have been confirmed to be authentic. Some additional leaked shots of the new MacBook casings can be found here. And if that isn’t enough to satiate your appetite, the new MacBooks might come in at a price point around 800-900 dollars. If Apple is able to keep its margins up to par, Apple will undoubtedly be on track to capture even more market share in the laptop market. More importantly, Apple will start attracting consumers in the sub 1000 notebook market. Next week should be a huge week for new Apple products, but don’t expect a new tablet mac to be announced.

Lastly, some are pointing out that the picture in the Apple invitation isn’t a MacBook at all, but rather a photo of the glass trackpad rumored to be a part of the next line of MacBook laptops.  Macenstein has the scoop here.


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