Rumor – Microsoft planning on buying Rim?

Mon, Oct 13, 2008

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With Rim’s stock price taking a beating in recent weeks, some are speculating that Microsoft might be interested in purchasing the company. The purchase, theoretically, would thrust Microsoft back into relevance in the smart phone market as their mobile OS market share continues to dwindle. For Microsoft’s sake, I hope this rumor isn’t true. Successful companies innovate, and while buying your way to the top might have worked for Microsoft in the 90’s, if all they can do to stay relevant is throw big wads of cash around at companies like Yahoo! and RIM, then perhaps they’re in need of some new leadership. Sure, buying an already established company saves time and research and development dollars, but it’s also indicative of a company falling behind, not being prepared for technological shifts, and being blindsided by other companies products and technologies. 9to5Mac has the scoop here.


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