Steve Jobs Drinking Game

Mon, Oct 13, 2008

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The upcoming Apple media event should be pretty interesting, but why settle for interesting when you can have exciting? Sure, Apple is expected to unveil a slew of new and upgraded notebooks, and that’s all well and good, but not everyone gets excited about new laptops. So what’s a casual citizen to do? Well, like most dilemmas, this can easily be solved with a drinking game. The event starts at 10am Pacific Time/ 1PM Eastern, so for those of you on the East Coast, there’s no need to pack a lunch.



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  1. Sasha Says:

    This is no fair, Jobs is golden I will not get buzz this game.

  2. ralph Says:

    If Ballmer makes an appearance my flatmates & I will be Bammered.

  3. emote_control Says:

    Jeez, this reads less like a drinking game and more like a suicide note.

  4. Ty Says:

    With two shots per malfunction I will still be hammered when I wake up in the morning

  5. Dean Says:

    Haha, I wish I wasn’t so poor after buying the new Touch and could actually afford alcohol.

  6. Random_Tangent Says:

    Take a shot every time Steve Jobs says ‘Boom!’.

  7. anonymous Says:

    Dumb. stick to a beer or hard alcohol, why mix and why take strange things?

    why must you try to be cool and come up with EXTREME DRINKING GAME?

    wasn’t taking a drink now and then enough that the smallest amount to drink is equal to a full beer and the worst is almost guaranteed to be a trip to the hospital?

  8. Elizabeth Roberts Says:

    Too funny! Everything can be a drinking game…have you been watching the presidential debates? Take a drink every time you hear, “I will bring about change”.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    “11. Take a shot if Jobs says, “We really nailed it”


  10. Michael Critz Says:

    Steve Jobs Drinking Game.

    Drink if Steve:
    1. “Boom!”
    2. “Beautiful!”
    3. “Today!”

    Finish the bottle if Steve obviously mispronounces a word. (e.g. “Jag-you-wire”)

  11. thegreatnick Says:

    13. Take a shot everytime he asks a rhetorical question
    14. Take a shot everytime he describes something as “lightning fast”

  12. Jacob Says:

    Take a shot every time he utters a Jobs-ism such as “scrolls like butter”

  13. Mauricio Pastrana Says:

    what, no rule for “AND BOOM!”?


  14. Kevin Says:

    Take a shot is Steve says “Isn’t that cool?”

  15. thomas040 Says:

    “scrolls like butter” my favorite steve’ism by far

  16. Christopher Says:

    And the cost of the alcohol will exceed the cost of the new MacBooks 🙂

  17. Kevin Says:

    Hey how many shots do i have to do each time he says, “Boom”??

  18. SportsMen2U Says:

    I will drink to all of those points. This is so exciting!

  19. Roger Says:

    LOL ! Awesome hahaha

  20. Name Says:

    drink a 24 pack when jobs says “oh and theres still, one more thing”

  21. yougotadui Says:

    Hahaa this is classic…..

    how bout do a shot every time my ipod dies and needs to be sent in for service. I’d be hammered for life.

  22. Snoop Says:

    Get your gin and juice ready!

  23. web design Says:

    I was hoping for this to be actually doable: the glass track pad, ‘we really nailed it’, the turtleneck, and the ‘gorgeous display’ are the only ones that are not just possible, but most likely will happen.

    Should have included ‘One more thing’ , if Steve calls up someone else to demonstrate, ‘And look at how thin it is’ and probably ‘this is our best notebook yet’.

  24. Eric Says:

    Too bad Jobs won’t be going.

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