Greenpeace makes peace with Apple, hails Apple’s “industry first” green laptops

Wed, Oct 15, 2008


Apple has surprisingly drawn praise from one of its most vocal critics, Greenpeace.  Greenpeace, an orginization dedicated to the conservation of the environment, and has often been critical of computer manufacturers for not using materials it deems to be environmentally friendly.  In the past, Greenpeace has seemed to focus a lot of its energy on Apple, a tactic admittedly undertaken because Apple related stories garner the most press.

Nevertheless, Apple has made a conscientious effort to make its products and packaging as environmentally friendly as possible.  When Apple announced its new line of laptops yesterday, it highlighted just how eco-friendly their manufacturing and packaging process has become.

Zeina Alhajj of Greenpeace noted:

“The new MacBook’s are a major step forward. The models are still not entirely free of PVC, but they mark an industry first in having a BFR-free motherboard. Apple is now setting standards for other manufacturers to follow.” has the full scoop here.


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