Why Apple won’t release a NetBook

Sun, Oct 19, 2008

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John Gruber over at The Daring Fireball has a very interesting and informative piece detailing why Apple won’t release a netbook.  Apple focuses on things like build quality, user experience, and making products better than previous versions.  Put simply, a stripped down laptop isn’t in Apple’s DNA.

From the article:

” Higher performance and improved build quality are in direct opposition to lower prices. These guys calling for $800 Apple notebooks have the company all wrong… Other PC makers fight viciously over pricing because it’s the only factor on which they can differentiate. Few of them bother trying to make better computers — most just build bland, junky wrappers around Intel’s reference chipsets. (Notable exceptions in the laptop space include Sony and Lenovo.) None can offer better software because they all ship the same version of Windows… Price is all they have.”

The article also points out that “The executive-level rivalry between Microsoft and Apple seems to be at the highest level since the John Sculley era at Apple.”  This is something that is increasingly becoming more and more evident.  Read the full article here.



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