Steve Jobs hates Blu-Ray, Apple’s secret weapon to fight Hackintosh boxes, and more

Tue, Oct 21, 2008

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An interesting article over at ThePulpit talks about Steve Jobs wish for Blu-Ray to die, H.264 in Snow Leopard, HD content distribution via iTunes, and how Apple is positioning itself for future battles against clone makers such as Psystar.

Excerpt from the article:

“Turning to Nvidia isn’t the same as doing the chipset itself, but you can bet Apple’s fingers are all over the chipsets in these new machines and that they are significantly different from those in notebooks from companies like Dell and HP.

There is a reason to be different here that goes beyond performance. That other reason is Psystar, the would-be seller of Mac clones with which Apple is now locked in a legal battle that could go either way. What if Psystar comes out on top and has the right to sell Mac clones based on the Hackintosh model? Then Apple will have to break that model by becoming more proprietary and therefore harder to emulate. Enter the third-party chipset, which is just the first step in Apple’s effort to become immune to Psystar-type clones no matter what the court decides…

Where PA Semi fits in is by providing to Apple a modular, Intel-compatible multi-core architecture that can scale to cover entire future Apple product lines. By dishing out more responsibility to the GPU, Apple can enable a much simpler CPU with as many cores as needed.

Read the full article here.


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