Is Apple already testing a Netbook?

Wed, Oct 22, 2008

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During Apple’s conference call yesterday, Steve Jobs said that Apple currently has no plans to enter the relatively new Netbook market.  He did, however, mention that if the market evolves, Apple has some pretty “interesting ideas” cooking in the labs over at Cupertino.  Interestingly enough, John Markoff over at the New York Times is reporting that an anonymous search engine contacted him to tell him that they detected web visits from an un-announced Apple product with a display bigger than an iPhone but smaller than a MacBook.  While this clearly isn’t much to go on, the fact that the rumor has John Markoff’s name attached to it does carry some weight.  Markoff, in case you don’t remember, first brought up rumors of the Apple iPhone way back in 2002.

Could Apple, in fact, already be working on a Netbook?  It’s very possible, and Steve Jobs has noted before that he’s just as proud of the products Apple ships as he is of the products they don’t ship.  So the real question isn’t whether or not Apple has something in the works, its whether or not they’ll actually bring something to the market.

AppleInsider has the full scoop over here.


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