More on Apple’s stellar earnings

Thu, Oct 23, 2008

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Bullish Cross has the scoop here.

In its recently reported fiscal fourth quarter, Apple’s adjusted net income grew approximately 124.6% from $1.085 billion in Q4 2007 to $2.437 billion in Q4 2008—an extraordinary number when fully accounting for iPhone sales in both periods. Just as impressive is Apple’s 75.1% grow rate in sales. Apple’s adjusted revenue grew from $6.673 billion in Q4 2007 to a whopping $11.682 billion in Q4 of 2008. Earnings per share grew 123.0% from $1.21 in Q4 2007 to $2.69 in Q4 2008. This begs the question? Where the hell are the analysts and why aren’t they quick to point this out? Only on Wall Street can a company grow earnings 124.6%, sustain bouts of analyst downgrades and see its shares decline 55% (while boasting a 14 forward P/E on a GAAP-basis).”


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