Tethering on the iPhone – What’s the holdup?

Sat, Oct 25, 2008

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If you’re wondering why there still isn’t a tethering option for the iPhone, look no further than AT&T’s cellular network.  After the iPhone 3G started selling like hotcakes, and beyond AT&T’s initial expectations, it’s cellular network was strained to the point where many users weren’t even able to get a 3G signal.  Now imagine adding in the extra bandwidth that tethering would necessitate, and it’s easy to see why AT&T is taking its time before it allows the iPhone to be used as a tethering device.

According to MacBlogz:

“According to a colleague of mine who works with AT&T (who has been fairly accurate in the past), Apple and AT&T have been developing an iPhone tethering plan, similar to that allowed for Blackberry users. The reason we haven’t heard or seen anything about it, is because AT&T is being extremely paranoid of how the service will run on their network. “Since I’ve worked here, I’ve never seen them be so worried about legalities,” my colleague explained. Regarding the service being available to Blackberry users, he says that it’s a different situation. Blackberry users haven’t slammed AT&T’s network by the millions in one quarter, in such large rushes. “Regardless of how many billions of dollars AT&T pours into their 3G network, it hasn’t been stable enough to handle all you iPhone users,” he explained.”

You can read the full scoop over here.


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