Apple grossly undervalued compared to other Tech companies

Thu, Oct 30, 2008

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Andy Zaky is at it again, and provides an interesting analysis detailing how Apple is shockingly undervalued compared to other tech heavyweights.

There really is no rational reason why Apple has fallen as much as it has while other Tech companies seemingly stay relatively better positioned.  At the same time, Apple is one of the most manipulated stocks on Wall St., and it wouldn’t be surprising if hedge funds and other financial institutions who are short on Apple manipulated the price downwards.  Wouldn’t be too surprising either to see Apple’s stock shoot back up to 200 levels in the next few months as those same investors are getting in at sub $100 stock levels.

In any event, Zaky provides a great analysis comparing Apple to some of the other tech heavyweights, which can be found here.


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