Opera Mini browser was never submitted to iPhone App Store

Sun, Nov 2, 2008


Well it seems that all the hoopla regarding Opera Mini’s supposed rejection from the App Store is much ado about nothing.  John Gruber over at Daring Fireball did a little bit of investigating and found out that the browser was never even submitted to the App Store in the first place.

My understanding, based on information from informed sources who do not wish to be identified because they were not authorized by their employers, is that Opera has developed an iPhone version of Opera Mini — but they haven’t even submitted it to Apple, let alone had it be rejected.

… However, the version that Opera has developed for the iPhone is problematic in other ways. The cross-platform code base for the Opera Mini client software is written in Java. The assumption being that it should run on any mobile phone with a Java ME virtual machine. The iPhone, of course, doesn’t support Java in any form.

Read the full article over here.


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