Rumor: iPhone 2.2 update coming November 21

Tue, Nov 11, 2008

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iPhoneHellas, a Greek iPhone site, is reporting that they have it from a reliable source that the anticipated iPhone 2.2 update will be released on November 21.  While copy and paste functionality remains conspicuously absent, the update does have some interesting additions.

Some of the anticipated features in the 2.2 update include:

  • A new look for Safari with the Google search bar now occupying its own space on the title bar
  • The ability to turn auto-correction on and off
  • Emoji icons, which should be welcome over in Japan
  • New language support
  • Support for Google street view and Google transit information
  • The ability to download podcasts wirelessly
  • New App Store features such as easier navigation, and better previews of applications via screenshots

Pictured below you can see that each category within the app store now gets its own icon.

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Update: BoyGeniusReport has more screenshots of the new iPhone 2.2 update over here, and check out screenshots of what the updated Maps app might look like over at iPhoneYap.

Click here to check out a translated page of the Greek website.


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  1. Your God Says:

    I just want flash support to watch hulu on the go 🙁

  2. mark Says:

    flash support?? WTF … I realize this is more an adobe issue than an apple one but figure it out already.

  3. kcd Says:

    Safari better feel snappier

  4. aurelius Says:

    Apple is really disappointing right now. This update is largely composed of features that should have been included in the original release. Still no copy/paste? No Flash? Constant application crashes, dropped calls (even after the last update which was supposed to fix that problem) and no reliable way to have issues immediately addressed: i.e. Monkey Ball has been crashing for months, yet there is nothing that can be done when I sync the phone to resolve this? Apple, we’ve been your unpaid beta testers. In fact, we’ve paid you! If we don’t get what we’re asking for, we’ll ditch you for the Google Phone. Our patience is wearing very thin.

  5. Xero Says:

    Wah wah wah! Screw Flash and copy/paste. I don’t need either, and I don’t particularly miss either. What they do need is better bi-directional language support (Arabic/Hebrew), especially before they start shipping to Middle Eastern countries. Oh, and what happened to background notification services??

  6. Mark P Says:

    How about picture messaging? My girlfriends 30 dollar phone can do it yet my 30 dollar iphone doesn’t support picture messages? I’m so sick of going to view my and having to go back and forth between sms and safari. Is it really that difficult to implement?

  7. Xen Says:

    Hell yea aurelius, I’m with you. Apple is being pretty freaking retarded with the iPhone. I don’t want to cross over to the dark side but I will if I have to!

  8. Peter Says:

    The day Apple use crap icons like those will be the day I believe that screenshot is not made up in Photoshop.

    And as for those screenshots at BoyGeniusReport, well its impressive that they were all done at exactly 11:20 AM.

    Color me skeptical of this “reliable source”.

  9. stelt Says:

    Hopefully this upgrades includes a Webkit upgrade, to improve the SVG experience even more. That plus a HTML5 video tag implemented. Who needs Flash?

  10. Still Pissed Says:

    There is not one thing on that list that I don’t already have from hacking my phone and/or I just don’t give a &%^# about. I mean seriously. Who really gives a *&^( about Google street view? Or wasting precious screen space on a dedicated bar while browsing?

    How the list should read:

    Copy and Paste
    Landscape Keyboard for…while everything
    Flash support
    Safari plugins for expanded support
    Code optimization (use less space for OS)
    Bug Fixes (that is a given)

  11. SuitCase Says:

    itt people who don’t understand the iphone bitching about the iphone

    brb guys watching embedded flash on my google phone

  12. Still Pissed Says:

    Sorry, that guy was right.. I am sleepy it is like 3 a.m. here.

    List continued:
    MMS (video, picture, the whole 9)

    P.S. The catagory view thing should have been done in the first place. Cydia (hacker app store) does it, hell iTunes does it. That was….will the usual for Apple.


  13. Adam M Says:

    You’d think that an iPhone (a glorified iPod) would have some focus in some way, shape or form on the music side of things. Where’s my Bluetooth A2DP profile for stereo, wireless music?? Knew i should’ve just stuck with my Sony Ericsson.

  14. Tanhauser Says:

    I want Flash too. It’s just not going to happen. Yes, apple & adobe may not be playing nice in the last 12 months, but, if you read the ‘tea leaves’ carefully, it seems like there are real technical hurdles to implementing it on this version of the phone’s os. I would expect it on the next version of the phone.

    Apple is only going to do so much with these updates. Frankly, if you’ve owned your phone since summer / fall 07, you probably feel pretty ‘good’. Objectively, they’ve added much in the time since the phone was released.

    In general, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Apple getting increasingly stingy with its updates. Part of this is because of their choice to go downmarket with the phone – when you are deriving your profits from volume rather than price, you don’t have to cater / pander to the customer nearly as much. Besides which, the longer in the tooth the basic iPhone model gets (this includes the 1 and the 2 – they’re basically the same) the more unwilling Apple is going to be to ‘waste’ a great new feature. They’ll instead shift it to the next model to induce new purchases.

    To me, the far more interesting question is: why don’t we hold all the assholes in the tech press / websphere accountable for their insistence, earlier in the game, that flash was definitely coming to the phone? I’m thinking e.g. of Walt Mossberg who ran a column basically flat out stating that it was going to be added. That’s journalistic misrepresentation.

    Synopsis: stop bitching about flash, because it’s not happening (until iPhone 3 rolls out)

  15. erichansa Says:

    Diggers are awesome. Article that talks poorly of iphone gets comments like “you suck, iphone is best” articles that are positive get comments like “iphone sucks!”

  16. alex Says:

    I just want flash support to watch hulu on the go

  17. mallchin Says:


    * Video Camera Support
    * MMS Support
    * Copy/Paste
    * Mass Storage Support
    * Theme Support

  18. prozacula Says:

    well, we know they support flash already, since youtube is working. it really couldn’t be a huge stretch to add the rest of flash functionality.

  19. Travis de Demo Says:

    In order of highest priority (before v2.2):

    – Flash
    – MMS/Video Support
    – Copy & Paste Functionality
    – File Storage Support

  20. ClarkDV Says:

    – Videocam
    – Open Safari links in new “tab”
    – SMS

  21. Yugu Says:

    They don’t support flash. The youtube that works is based on h.264 – there was (and continues to be) a big conversion effort prior to (and current to) the release of the iphone. That’s why your iphone youtube search results aren’t the same as your pc / mac based search results on youtube. Youtube on the iphone does NOT run on flash.

  22. dJbaddy Says:

    We all are waiting for the iPhone OS 2.2 Update.

  23. Imran Says:

    U guys missed out something

    – PRIVACY : SMS and email should be secured, to a extent SMS can be tolerated but what about emails, just one click and all your emails are displayed, cant Apple put a passcode especially for emails. This is a major issue guys….

  24. journalgourd66 Says:

    i cant even believe it!!!! ive been WAITING to turn spellcheck off on my iphone and i cant wait for streetview on maps either…. i always wondered why blackberries had it and iphones didnt…………..

  25. colin Says:

    man, you people have to quit bitching about all the things iPhone doesn’t have. Just take a second and think about everything we can do with it. Here we are, holding one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology in our hands, wirelessly browsing the Internet looking for when it’s going to get better, and you all keep complaining that it’s not good enough. Yeah sure there are a few things that can use a bit of tweeking, but why don’t you all just stop complaining and start to appreciate what this revolutionary new phone has to offer.

  26. Cody Says:

    Horizontal Keyboard? What’s the problem? Why don’t we have one?

  27. Liam Johns Says:

    i say that the iphone is the best phone out.
    it may not have bluetooth or some other features.
    but its awesomeee!!!

    and with the copy and paste;
    its a phone, not a computer. so use ur computer if u wanna copy and paste.

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