I.B.M/Papermaster lawsuit might hinge on not-yet-released technologies

Thu, Nov 13, 2008

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Electronista reports:

“Recent filings in the Apple-IBM-Papermaster case reveal that IBM is potentially raising a flag due to an upcoming technology that the company fears could be compromised by Mark Papermaster’s employ at Apple. The technology, would allow portable consumer devices like the iPod to store exponentially more music, while also cutting battery drain to a fraction of what it is currently. The technology is dubbed “racetrack memory.” Racetrack memory allegedly uses an electron’s spin to keep track of data, increasing operational speed, and providing an operational time frame of “weeks” on a single charge. The technology, in turn, would allow consumer electronics devices to store upwards of 500,000 songs, comparing to 40,000 in the 160GB iPod classic.

The technology will also have virtually zero wear, and consequently carries a longer lifespan than flash memory, which can wear out over thousands of writes.”

Check out the full article here.


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