Old school Steve Jobs flicks off IBM

Mon, Nov 17, 2008

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Given the recent litigation involving I.B.M. and new Apple-hire Mark Papermaster, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jobs still feels the same way about Big Blue.

This photo was taken in mid-Manhattan sometime in the early 80’s. And check it out, no black turtleneck!


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  1. god Says:


  2. insty Says:

    Still flippin today.

  3. Jesus Says:

    I was there too.

  4. jhon Says:

    “Flicks”off? are you twelve?

  5. Kurt Says:

    This will fuel the fire even more…
    Nice one… 😀

  6. JChang Says:


  7. brian Says:

    Pretty cool….but I think IBM is showing the same to him for Papermaster…


  8. howdy Says:

    IBM deserves it.

  9. what_a_tool Says:

    Jobs is a tool. Apple spearheads people to buy more crap and fill more landfills every 3 months when they release a new product, I mean fix bugs.

  10. Bala Says:

    Double awesome

  11. eric Says:

    “flips off”.

  12. jesus Says:

    i second that

  13. Satan Says:

    No its not!

  14. James Says:

    What an arsehole. Nowadays, he’s the one getting stock options “under the table” and using sleazy hiring practices to lift competitors intellectual property.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    For goodness sake, it’s “flip off” not “flick off.”

  16. orly Says:


  17. Sanjeev Bhadresa Says:


  18. satan Says:


  19. Phil Says:

    Yeah. except that they collaborated on the Power chip, so it’s a nice photograph, but… the Steve you probably meant is a different shape and called Ballmer.

  20. hindsight Says:

    Apple is the new IBM.

  21. Jesse Says:

    Flips? Flips off? Right? Flicks off sounds like something a child would say.

  22. Anonymouse Says:

    It looks like someone peed their pantaloons.

  23. haha Says:

    It’s “flip” not “flick” you silly “pop” drinker.

  24. templedog Says:

    hate ridden egomanics….oh yeah….I’m using a Mac. *ugh I’m lame.

  25. DrU Says:

    How do you know that’s really Steve Jobs????

  26. What Haveyou Says:

    An apostrophe + S does not make a plural, it makes a possessive.

    Therefore, it’s ’80s.

  27. Not an Idiot, Like You Says:

    Childish; immature.

    And “IBM deserves it”? How f*cking stupid are you?

  28. Johan Says:



  29. Timothy Says:

    made my day.

    Love it

  30. sleep Says:

    Too funny, Apple will never be a fraction of the company IBM is.
    Jobs is just jealous.

  31. iflickedyourmom Says:

    yeah, way to plagurize someone elses story word for word moron.

  32. Dan Says:

    Steve rocks!

  33. Anwar Vazquez Says:


  34. Uncle B Says:

    Used Microsoft at work for many years, retired, wasn’t legal to use Ms any more, went to Ubuntu, pulled hair for a few weeks, learned to love it, will stay with Ubuntu now! Suggest that older computers can be revived for “have nots” mostly poorer kids – by installing Ubuntu on them and giving them away, at churches, scouts etc. To keep legal according to Ms’s own rules, Ubuntu must erase all Ms stuff, and it does! Most manuals and operating information for Ubuntu are freely available on net, and Yes, you can do your homework with OpenSource word processors! Fewer older computers in the landfills, charities with work to do, underprivileged children given computers! a win-win- win for America in hard times!

  35. ibmbomber Says:

    ibm liked the nazis. fuck ’em.

  36. web design Says:

    It’s “flip off”

    The more you know!

  37. charles Says:

    Awesome photograph.

  38. MAN Says:

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  39. bob Says:

    I don’t buy IBM computers because of their history.
    During the times of Nazi Germany, IBM invested heavily in the Nazi party, and their first computer was created for use in Auschwitz to help with organizing the deaths. But yeah, mr steve is a bit of a clown with a very good advertising group under his control.
    overall i think he is justified to give em the finger (:

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