Apple seems to be recession proof

Fri, Nov 21, 2008

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Despite current economic troubles, new data from the NPD Group indicates that Mac sales are surging.  According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, Apple is on track to sell a record breaking 2.7 million Macs during the current quarter, up 13% from the same quarter a year ago.  As the economy continues to flounder, consumers are spending less and less on goods in general, and are especially cutting back on luxury items.  It would therefore make sense that Mac sales might be a bit sluggish, but surprisingly, they continue to be robust.

As the holiday shopping season fast approaches, one might wonder how Apple has positioned itself to weather the current economic storm.   Well for starters, Apple isn’t taking any time off to smell the roses and rest on its laurels.  It’s currently hard at work at the latest upgrade to OS X, aptly called Snow Leopard, and recent reports have Apple releasing it sometime in March of 2009.  It also has an updated line of iPod Nano’s, a new line of MacBook’s and MacBook Pro’s, the newly upgraded iPhone 3G and iPod Touch, and a thriving App store.  But aren’t times too lean to expect Apple to keep on setting sales records quarter after quarter?  You would think so, but Apple has done a brilliant job of marketing not on price, but on value.  Purchasers of Apple products have historically shown a willingness to pay a premium on Apple products for the perceived uptick in value that they receive compared to similar products.  Similarly, it isn’t too far of a stretch to think that users will continue to purchase Apple products in touch economic times because they feel that they’re getting significant value out of their purchase.


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