Interview with Steve Wozniak

Sun, Nov 23, 2008

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Below is a link to an enlightening interview with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Woz is in high form as he discusses a wide variety of topics including the iPhone, Steve Jobs, his proudest accomplishment, and his general take on a number of interesting issues. Here is an excerpt of him talking about Steve Jobs:

“Well, he wasn’t an engineer or a programmer, but he had this incredibly great understanding of it.  He had worked in technical stuff, building devices with chips that did digital things, not quite at the engineering level, but one step below it, and he understands it.  If you’re a manager and you’re a businessman, you’re much more valuable than a great engineer if you can spot who the great engineer is.  That’s more important.  And Steve wouldn’t put up with schlocking.  The guys who did average junk, he could recognize it, and the guys who did the great stuff like myself, he could recognize that, and he only wanted to go with the greatest that was possible.  And that’s true to this day.”

Check out the full video here.


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