Rumor: iMac touchscreen in the works?

Tue, Nov 25, 2008


Although an iMac touchscreen is pure speculation, this is an interesting nugget of information nonetheless.

Stuff.Tv reports:

“Here in Korea, LG’s just given me a quick look inside one of their factories. And beyond the sight of 100in TVs being cranked out faster than Lewis Hamilton on a flying lap, one interesting nugget of info caught my eye.

LG is working on a full multitouch display for computers. Now that might sound so so, but seeing as the Korean giant makes the panels for iMacs, it actually points to something far bigger – a multitouch Mac.

Whether this fits with Apple’s mooted plans to give the iMac a heft at MacWorld remains to be seen. But the screen itself looks like it’s good–to–go. LGs done it’s bit, so Apple, it’s over to you.”There’s no word on whether Apple has bought the display, or if it has plans to include it in a future iMac, but LG says its ready to go, and just waiting for a product to use it.”



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