Rumor: Apple delays debut of new premium headphones due to re-design

Mon, Dec 1, 2008

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It’s almost been 3 months since Steve Jobs first unveiled a new model of high-end Apple headphones at Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event back in September.  The headphones, however, remain conspicuously absent from store shelves.  What gives?  Well, MacBlogz is reporting that a re-design of the product is to blame for the shipment delay.

One trusted source says Steve Jobs mandated that, in Apple style, “the new headphones should beat the sound and build quality of all other high end ear buds.”  This high standard was not met and Apple engineers have had to revise the design. Apple’s overseas contractors, then had to retool their manufacturing process – moving the manufacturing lead time past November.  Apple has been known to completely redevelop products the company deems not up to par, even near the ship date. They would rather move the shipping date back and rework the design rather than bring a sub-par product to market.

It will be interesting to see just how well these new headphones take to the market once released.  Apple always likes to hype up how great their headphones are, yet they continuously get subpar reviews from hardcore audiophiles.  Then again, hardcore audiophiles aren’t necessarily the market Apple is going for.  In any event, if the above rumor proves to be true, it will be interesting to see how Apple will be able to compete with already established and popular headphones from leading manufacturers such as Bose and Sony.  If you ask an audiophile, Apple has nowhere to go but up.

Check out the full article over here.


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