Stephen Colbert tops Kanye West on iTunes – ‘Operation Humble Kanye’ a success!

Thu, Dec 4, 2008

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Early this week, Stephen Colbert urged viewers of “The Colbert Report” to purchase his Christmas CD on iTunes so that he could overtake and humble the ever arrogant Kanye West.  At the time, Kanye West’s album was the top selling album on iTunes while Colbert’s lagged behind at #15.  Colbert told viewers that they should purchase his CD at 5 P.M on Wednesday as part of “Operation Humble Kanye”.

So did it work?  Well, it’s been 24 hours since the ‘operation’, and the answer is ‘yes and no’.  Colbert didn’t hit the top spot on iTunes, but he did overtake Kanye.  As of early Thursday morning, Colbert’s album climbed 12 spots to #3 while Kanye’s latest release dropped 3 spots down to #4.

On Tuesday afternoon, one day before D-day, Kanye responded via Twitter saying, “who the fuck is Stephen Colbert?”

Well, Kanye, he’s the dude with a CHRISTMAS album who just overtook you on iTunes.

I wonder if we can expect a “what the fuck is EdibleApple?” twit from Kanye sometime in the near future!

Check out the original clip from The Colbert Report below:

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Okinawa Says:

    LOL, Colbert 2012!!

  2. Kanyw W. Says:

    Who the heck is Colbert and what heck is this edible apple?

  3. tandi Says:

    lol this is too funny – man that’s why I love this country we have nuts at every level. Well Done stephen your project was a success though I have t tell you I could not bring myself to buying your CD.

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