$599 Apple netbook in the works?

Sun, Dec 7, 2008

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AppleInsider reports that Ezra Gottheil, an analyst from Technology Business Research (TBR), believes that current economic conditions have created an opportune time for Apple to release a netbook in the near future.

Instead, he and TBR are confident that Apple will release a computer in the netbook class within the first half of next year, but one that doesn’t obey many of the rules dictated by the industry. Like the MacBook Air ultraportable, this future system would be at least as thin and light as others in its category but would potentially have a larger surface area to allow a larger display or more comfortable input. Netbook owners carry their systems “in stacks with papers and books” and care more about thickness than footprint, according to Gottheil.

Crucially, he also takes to heart Jobs’ assertion that $500 systems are typically “junk” and believes that Apple will price the system at $599. The figure would be just low enough to draw customers who would pass over the plastic MacBook but high enough to avoid the risk Apple’s co-founder perceives in dropping the price particularly low.

Check out the full article over here.


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