Apple Computer: The (Very) Early Years

Sun, Dec 7, 2008

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Computer Shopper has a very interesting article by Stan Veit, former Editor in Chief of the magazine, about the VERY early days at Apple, and his interactions with Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs way back in the late 1970’s.  It’s a very interesting read, and paints an unflattering picture of current Apple C.E.O Steve Jobs.

“When Wozniak came over, I was a little more impressed with him than Jobs. He brought a computer board with jumper wires all over and parts hanging off all over the board. This was to be the Apple II! After Woz hooked his haywire rig up to the living-room TV, he turned it on, and there on the screen I saw a crude Breakout game in full color! Now I was really amazed. This was much better than the crude color graphics from the Cromemco Dazzler.

After a few minutes Woz turned it off and said, “I am still working on it; everything heats up after a while!”

“How do you like that?” said Jobs, smiling. “We’re going to dump the Apple I and only work on the Apple II.”

“Steve,” I said, “if you do that you will never sell another computer. You promised BASIC for the Apple I, and most dealers haven’t sold the boards they bought from you. If you come out with an improved Model II they will be stuck. Put it on the back burner until you deliver on your promises.”

Check out the full article here.  It’s definitely worth a read and contains some interesting pictures from back in the day of both Woz and Jobs.


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