Psystar files motion to ammend counterclaims against Apple

Tue, Dec 9, 2008

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A few weeks ago, Apple clone-maker Psystar had its initial anti-trust counterclaims against Apple dismissed.  As part of the counterclaim, Psystar crafted the somewhat specious and illogical argument that Apple maintains a monopoly in the OS X market.  The judge, not surprisingly, wasn’t persuaded and tossed out those claims.

Well, Psystar is apparently the animal that just won’t die.  According to a report from The Mac Observer, Psystar has “filed a motion for permission to amend its counterclaims against Apple Inc in its battle to defend itself against claims that it is violating copyright and Digital Millennium Copyright Act restrictions.”

A hearing on Pystar’s motion won’t take place until mid-January, and of course there is no guarantee that the motion will be granted.  In any event, Apple’s suit against Psystar will go along as scheduled and it seems that Psystar will keep on fighting tooth and nail to defend itself in the face of overwhelming legal odds.



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